Bag obsessions

Happiness is travelling the world with a backpack!’

Go trekking with the multi purpose backpack which will make your hands free to click pictures and enjoy the nature in a relaxed way. You can even hold hands of your beloved or your little trekker.

DSC_0449 - Copy

It can be used as a backpack and a handbag too.A flap pocket for cell phone to keep it safe and a zipper pocket on the other end for little things. Available at mercury store, sadar bazar, Agra!


Available in three colors.

Reborn the legend

“जिंदगी तो सिर्फ अपने कंधों पर जी जाती है, दूसरों के कंधे पर तो सिर्फ जनाजे उठाए जाते हैं।“ ~ भगत सिंह

”Life is lived on its own…other’s shoulders are used only at the time of funeral.”

Bhagat Singh who was born as a Jat Sikh in the village Khatkar Kalan, near the Banga town, Nawanshahar, was the son of every mother in those times. His death at the young age tore apart the hearts of mothers and brought tears into the eyes of every father. I, personally being a Punjabi, has always considered the forever young man as my brother and feel that such son or brother should be gifted to every mother or sister- the one who can stand for the righteousness!

It is absurd to call him a non-violent revolutionary and imitate the same image. Rather, he was an avid reader and emotional writer. His writing style is still unbeaten and the knowledge content is unmatchable. He was an intense thoughtful person and lived a selfless life. The youth of today should not be mislead by his pictures rather should deeply read his philosophies.


Live the nation itself!

In his early young age and in the era of non-google, he was an eye-opener and left a question mark for the society. The sad situation is after 109 years, we are still struggling with same question marks. He stated that in the population of 30 cr, there are 6 cr who are considered untouchable. Will the touch of theirs make us filthy? Will their entrance in the temples make the place insane? Apart from that, he also raised questions for the betterment of farmers and the freedom of all kinds. His motive was not only to find freedom from some external forces but also from internal conservative thoughts.

“Revolution is an inalienable right of mankind. Freedom is imperishable birthright of all.” – Bhagat Singh

In a disturbed society like ours where there is overflow of knowledge reaching nowhere, where human are killed for the sake of animal welfare, where cast or religion is still an election agenda, and education is sold in institutions build up as five star hotels; there is a need of rebirth of Bhagat or he should have not been hanged. His thoughts are so young and alive that I can feel him. Hope every citizen of India should!


Pen is mightier than sword!

So, my brother, rebirth of you will be a boon. Else rebirth of your ideas in every single heart of young human of today is essential and need of the hour!

Bravo, Shaheed Bhagat Singh!!

Rang Utsav/ Holi Fest

Holi is the festival of colors widely enjoyed by the people of India settled in and out of the country. The festival is attached to the religious relevance just like most of the festivals in India. In Mathura and Vrindavan, it is the celebration of love bond between Radha and Krishna. Apart from that, it states a final good bye to winters and a floral welcome to spring!As per Hindu calendar, it is celebrated on the day of full moon-the mesmerizing night.

While living in Punjab, I never relished the festival that much.But when I moved to US and then to Bhutan, the Indians’ zeal and enthusiasm gets doubled and I also learnt to enjoy it. And in UP, especially in Agra and Mathura, one gets to not only enjoy it, one lives it completely. People get drenched deeply not only in the colors but also in the love of family and friends. On the top of that, the traditional food of gujhia and other Indian snacks just fill the empty stomachs with mouth watering flavors.

The colors help fade away the boredom of life and helps you rejuvenate. Likewise Holi is the festival of feeling and filling the colors of life.

Talking about colors, the herbal colors with nice fragrance are available these days. Even colors made from dried flowers are soothing and non-chemical. The other colors may cause itching, irritation in eyes and skin allergies too.

The joy of festival finds sky-ranged bounds when you have your kids around. You teach your child to be patient enough to get colored from friends. Plus, how to politely and playfully defense. And above all, be colorful!

Eggie Pro

Egg Lasagna


5 eggs

3 onions thinly chopped

Half cabbage chopped

1 capsicum chopped

Salt and pepper

Pizza cheese


  1. Stir fry onions. When light brown, add capsicum.
  2. Add cabbage.
  3. Cut four boiled eggs. Seasoning be done.
  4. Add eggs.
  5. Stir fry.
  6. Flame off and Add grated cheese.
  7. Pour in a bowl.
  8. In the same pan, add half a teaspoon butter.
  9. Crack and add egg – one or two.
  10. Pour the poached eggs on to the dish.
  11. Grate some cheese.
  12. Add salt, pepper and origano.
  13. Enjoy the cheesy egg lasagna!!!

Who can eat

Every Egg lover!!!

The Tri-colorism

We were super excited to pickup my little brother from the Jalandhar railway station. As he was to come from Pune to Jalandhar. Our excitement found next level when we saw the huge Tri-color flag in the Jalandhar Railway station.

My heart 💓 just felt so good and my lips got a smile 😍 which I can’t even explain on the sight of the big- bold flag waiving in the air.

When enquired, we came to know that the height of the flag is 100 ft. The railway authorities has decided such huge flags to be placed in 75 railway stations. Great initiative i must say!

The national flag does boost the inhert nationalism among citizens of the country. I personally like the colors of India flag as the colors give the feel of sunrise, greenery and positivity.

Go Global, Go organized

Travelling is an essential part of life to refresh ourselves from boring and monotonous life. It helps one revive and rejuvenate one’s mind and body. Me and my husband prefer road trips. You get to explore the real India or real culture of any place- the food, the places, the scent of the soils and the people. Not only that, I feel fascinated with the skies and the birds’ flight too.

The beauty of the road trip gets magnified and beautified if we go organized. The mess always makes the trip messy and disorganized. This time when we traveled to Punjab with our little daughter who is four and quadrupled naughty. She keeps hopping in the car even and we keep arranging the de-arranged things every 15 mins. So, we found the solution at Car Plaza, Jalandhar. It had various kinds of car accessories, organizers and tacky car decorations.

A sense of relief! We could now comfortably sit and even play with our little one. The things got nicely arranged in those back seat organizers.

It has space for the essentials glass, bottle and paper napkins. Apart from that a little space for visiting card holder is also there. It also gives an important place for an important gadget these days- the cell phone. If you are a newspaper or magazine reader, keep it safely rolled in the bottom pocket. On the top, there is a huge pocket for random things- book, specs, towel etc.

You can easily find them in the car accessories store in your city. Or just go online and get it. Preferred sites – firscry, amazon, flipcart etc.

So, go global and go organized with the organizers!

The love planet


Left over daal

Left over cooked veggies

Besan or chickpea flour

Wheat flour


Chillies (optional)


Black pepper

Chaat masala (optional)


Mix all the ingredients. Use little water if required.

Knead the dough.

Leave in the refrigerator for 20 mins.

Take it out. Roll a big chapati.

Use cookie cutter or Gem shell to cut in heart shapes.

Take a nonstick tawa or pan. Spread two tablespoons of oil.

Put the four little chapatis on tawa. Cook it while changing sides.


Use coriander or mint leaves.

Make a raita with less curd and more onion and tomato.