Birthday Big Day

life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take away our breath.”– Maya Angelou

On my 42nd birthday on 1st April, 2019, instead of counting the candles on cake, it kept me busy counting on blessings and greetings. I may not have earned crores but  I pocketed crores of wishes.
Heartfelt thanks to all my friends for the love and care you have showered. My Facebook fans, Instagram friends, Orion family, IWC friends, Akriti beloveds, J2R family, friends from Roanoke Rapids USA; RTC, Bhutan; SSP, Jalalabad; Sikandar dance academy, Ek pahel, Daan foundation, Shringarika boutique, DLA and Dazzling! My parents family Gujral’s, oberoi’s, lamba’s and Maini’s. In laws family Bhatia’s, Ahuja’s and Nangia’s. My sisters and sister-in-laws.  Above all, my parents who gave me life. Special thanks to my husband to allow me make my dreams true. Last but not the least, my mother in law who supports me in having a purposeful life.

 Love my soul sisters Erum, Aditi and Alka!

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Shilpa Bhatia, who is an educationist and blogger, is basically from Punjab. She holds a post graduate degree in Math and professional degree in Education. She has around 18 years of experience in teaching and administration. She co-owns the IT company Guruji Technologies with her husband, Mr. Sudhanshu Bhatia. She likes to spend time with under privileged children. Her wish is to write numerously about the people specifically women who lead an inspirational life. She is also a member of NGOs Right Hand side, Inner wheel Club and Journey to roots. She is a regular Yoga practitioner. She likes to have plants and butterflies around. Moreover, she likes reading poems, biographies and inspirational stories. Lastly, she even runs a blog by the nametag #thesunytales.

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