Tug of war

It had been around six months that we had decided to initiate the ‘shiksha’ education program for the unprivileged children. Taking up the decision was so easy and dreamy that we were super excited. Since we never aimed to get momentary publicity rather it was to be done sincerely and in depth. Had it been just for the purpose of publicizing or media coverage, it could have been there on any day for just a few minute show. Meanwhile Erum was going through the tough times and having a tough journey of sucking routine job hours and then tution leaving with no time for herself. Not getting time to rest and food, made her sick both physically and emotionally. She was in a ‘Tug of war’ and I just wanted to snatch her out of this long  rope. This rope was infinite at both ends. Each time she wanted to get to the centre or either side, she found herself lost. It disheartened me each moment and being fevicollically attached to her, I too got wrapped in same instead of strengthening her.

Going to the basti or underprivileged areas all alone used to scare me a bit. It is believed that the extreme poverty gives birth to the sins and diseases. I could never took the courage to start it all alone and so wanted Erum by my side. I always used to ask her when will we start it Erum? But maybe I was not putting myself in her shoes. The time when she was already in a whirlpool, I was seeking something else.

On her birthday, we went for food distribution in a basti wherein the kids welcomed us open heartedly. Not only kids but their moms too greeted us. We put forward the idea of teaching. Their was a huge smile on their faces. These smiles and welcoming gesture just vanished away my worries. Erum was alos happy. So it just topped on my pleasure!

All the blessings Erum.

Stay like a bird…

Once a free bird

You have lost the freedom

You have forgotten the flight


Once a free bird

You have lost the sense

weather it’s a mirage or real


Fly my little bird

Fly out of worries

Fly to give and to live

But not to pain and drain

Fly my little bird

shrug the dust off your wings

Published by

Blogger Shilpa Gujral Bhatia

Myself Shilpa Bhatia. I hold a post graduate degree in Math and professional degree in education. I have around 18 years of experience in teaching and administraion. I am the owner of Alpha Coachings, Honeybun café. I am also partner in an IT company Guruji Technologies, which is being run by my husband. By hobby, I do the plantation and reading. I like to spend time with under privileged children and empowering women. I am also a member of NGOs Right Hand side, Inner wheel and Journey to roots.

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