Diet Plan

I weigh 75 kg at present which got enhanced by in law’s love and affection from 54 kg. No worries. It is something I gained!

The sad part is it has to be lost as I feel heavy. So I have decided to do chalk out some home remedies for it. Apart from yoga and walk, I have to watch my diet as well. The age concerns are also there. At the age of 42, I can’t expect a Zero figure. Although I can gift myself a toned body. So I will keep updating you about my weight loss journey. Stay tuned and toned.

Sprout snack

Day 1

It is a yummyiliciously healthy snack. One can opt for it as a breakfast or mid day meal or dinner. It is a two days process though but the wait is worth.

sprouts.jpgIngredients: (for two servings)

50 gms moong beans

50 gms black chickpeas

25 grams beans

Onion -2 finally chopped

Spring onion -2 finally chopped

Lemon -2 or 1 (as per taste)

Mint leaves-10

Curry leaves- 5

Mustard seeds -a pinch

Dry coriander – half a teaspoon

Cucumber sliced (for garnishing)

Tomato sliced ( just a half for garnishing/ if you like)

Sea/Rock salt – as per taste (Go low on it)

Black pepper -as per taste


  1. (Two days process) Soak the beans overnight. In morning, drain water and tie the beans in a cotton cloth and hang it. you can use all kinds of beans. Black chickpeas and red beans take a little longer than moong. Next day or till the night, sprouts will be ready.
  2. Take a non-stick  pan. Use Patanjali mustard oil or Saffola Rice bran oil (half a teaspoon). Add a half teaspoon butter (preferably homemade). Greasing a bit is also important for your bones.
  3. Add curry leaves and mustard ( a pinch). Add dry crushed coriander. Add Onion as soon as they start to crackle.
  4. When Onions turn light brown colored, add the sprouts. Stir them for about two minutes. Meanwhile add sea salt and black pepper.
  5. Serve it in a bowl. Add lemon juice or vinegar (a teaspoon) if lemon not available.
  6. Garnish with Cucumber, lemon and mint leaves.

Variation and Creation

  1. If you are a dry fruit lover, you can add roasted nuts and peanuts too.
  2. To enhance your immunity power, add sesame, pumpkin and sunflower deeds.
  3. lemon juice can be replaced with Orange juice as well so as to add some fruit punch.
  4. ‘Good food is good mood’. For the sake of good mood, decorate the cooked food in some special and innovative way always. Use cucumber, Lemon, spring onions, coriander and mint leaves etc.

Who can use it

  1. Those who don’t like to eat the pulses in regular cooked way.
  2. Don’t have time to do extended hours of cooking.
  3. Gym goers, protein deficient and diet conscious persons.
  4. Living all alone and at times don’t feel like cooking!
  5. For the love of variation in salads

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Blogger Shilpa Gujral Bhatia

Myself Shilpa Bhatia. I hold a post graduate degree in Math and professional degree in education. I have around 18 years of experience in teaching and administraion. I am the owner of Alpha Coachings, Honeybun café. I am also partner in an IT company Guruji Technologies, which is being run by my husband. By hobby, I do the plantation and reading. I like to spend time with under privileged children and empowering women. I am also a member of NGOs Right Hand side, Inner wheel and Journey to roots.

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