Hand Mudras

Our hands are said to hold our luck. Not only luck, our hands also hold the energies and our health. In this fast digital life, where fingers are always busy on the keypad; we need to rest them and energize them too. There are five elements in the human body which are imbibed in these fingers:

  • Thumb: Space
  • Index Finger: Air
  • Middle Finger: Fire
  • Ring Finger: Water
  • Pinky Finger: Earth


Vayu Mudra


This mudra helps fight acidity and gastric issues in our body. Be done for 45 minutes for 21 days. It also helps in balancing the blood pressure.

Process: Press Index finger beneath the thumb. Straighten rest of the three fingers.

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Published by

Blogger Shilpa Gujral Bhatia

Myself Shilpa Bhatia. I hold a post graduate degree in Math and professional degree in education. I have around 18 years of experience in teaching and administraion. I am the owner of Alpha Coachings, Honeybun café. I am also partner in an IT company Guruji Technologies, which is being run by my husband. By hobby, I do the plantation and reading. I like to spend time with under privileged children and empowering women. I am also a member of NGOs Right Hand side, Inner wheel and Journey to roots.

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