My Quotes

“Ignore the ignorance”

“life and struggle are directly proportional to each other”

“Yoga and math have same basic logic. Whatever is subtracted has to be added and vice-versa is also true.”

“I am sick of the sickness around- the mind sickness”

“The child and husband are perfect combo for any wife to celebrate any celebration!”

“If life is a problem, Yoga is the only solution!”

‘You act what you expect’ [23 Jan 2019]

At the crossroads sometimes
But life means u just live the times
Lie to yourself
Greet yourself
At the crossroads sometimes
You may find what you really want
Let happen miracles
Believe in miracles

[Feb04, 2019]

Life is a journey which needs to be travelled irrespective of the destination- good or bad, Happy or sad.

(16 March, Saturday)

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Shilpa Bhatia, who is an educationist and blogger, is basically from Punjab. She holds a post graduate degree in Math and professional degree in Education. She has around 18 years of experience in teaching and administration. She co-owns the IT company Guruji Technologies with her husband, Mr. Sudhanshu Bhatia. She likes to spend time with under privileged children. Her wish is to write numerously about the people specifically women who lead an inspirational life. She is also a member of NGOs Right Hand side, Inner wheel Club and Journey to roots. She is a regular Yoga practitioner. She likes to have plants and butterflies around. Moreover, she likes reading poems, biographies and inspirational stories. Lastly, she even runs a blog by the nametag #thesunytales.

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