My Quotes

“Ignore the ignorance”

“life and struggle are directly proportional to each other”

“Yoga and math have same basic logic. Whatever is subtracted has to be added and vice-versa is also true.”

“I am sick of the sickness around- the mind sickness”

“The child and husband are perfect combo for any wife to celebrate any celebration!”

“If life is a problem, Yoga is the only solution!”

‘You act what you expect’ [23 Jan 2019]

At the crossroads sometimes
But life means u just live the times
Lie to yourself
Greet yourself
At the crossroads sometimes
You may find what you really want
Let happen miracles
Believe in miracles

[Feb04, 2019]


Published by

Blogger Shilpa Gujral Bhatia

Myself Shilpa Bhatia. I hold a post graduate degree in Math and professional degree in education. I have around 18 years of experience in teaching and administraion. I am the owner of Alpha Coachings, Honeybun café. I am also partner in an IT company Guruji Technologies, which is being run by my husband. By hobby, I do the plantation and reading. I like to spend time with under privileged children and empowering women. I run a club by the name of Akriti. I am also a member of NGOs Inner wheel and Journey to roots.

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