How sad it is…

A well composed write-up! We are trained to be a Hindu or a Muslim or a Sikh from the day we were born. The height of our stupidity is that we even discriminate plants and animals as per religions too. Hindus Vedas told to respect Tulsi Maa or Neem tree as our ancetors knew that we may ill treat nature later on and hence the poojas or cermonies are linked to them. But we patronize things. Same philosophy is with other religions too. The time few changes were made are not relevant in today’s scenario but we act like religious fools and keep doing silly things.


Instead of meeting me as whom they are, I often meet a person which is deeply trying to be a good Hindu, good 11737828_10153180566453591_7732668612140092575_nMuslim, good Jew, good Christian, good Sikh, good nationalist, communist, Buddhist etc… Because somewhere, somebody in your childhood scripted you with a fear that you’re not enough as you are. Before you even understood about your choices, your distinct features, Your unique qualities you’re told that you’re Muslim, Hindu, Jew, Sikh, Buddhist, etc… etc… as if you’re here to be someone and if you’ll not follow it you’ll face tantrums of others. They’ll hate you because you don’t follow certain traditions and norms, because they too are forced to do it and if you want a good image among these people,you should also follow this.  One thing to laugh here is; each one of us carry this fear. We’re told that community will not accept you, it goes…

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Blogger Shilpa Gujral Bhatia

Myself Shilpa Bhatia. I hold a post graduate degree in Math and professional degree in education. I have around 18 years of experience in teaching and administraion. I am the owner of Alpha Coachings, Honeybun café. I am also partner in an IT company Guruji Technologies, which is being run by my husband. By hobby, I do the plantation and reading. I like to spend time with under privileged children and empowering women. I run a club by the name of Akriti. I am also a member of NGOs Inner wheel and Journey to roots.

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