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“Ignore the ignorance”

“life and struggle are directly proportional to each other”

“Yoga and math have same basic logic. Whatever is subtracted has to be added and vice-versa is also true.”

“I am sick of the sickness around- the mind sickness”

“The child and husband are perfect combo for any wife to celebrate any celebration!”

“If life is a problem, Yoga is the only solution!”


Aditi Chawla- the limitless

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“Your talent determines how you can do

Your motivation determines how much you can do it

Your attitude determines how well you can do it”

Aditi Chawla is the second name of elegance with intelligence. She is a famous and successful Tarot card-reader and Numerologist from Agra, but few know much more than this. She carries a charismatic personality which leaves a positive impression on whoever meets her. The calmness in her voice makes one feel light. Aditi believes in simple living and high thinking. The only precious gem she wears is her smile. Being born to an artist family, she always had an intriguing nature.

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‘Like father, like daughter’

Her father LATE SHRI MADAN SUDAN was an Urdu TV-news editor in Calcutta and a theater artist. She owes huge respect for her father and her motherland- Calcutta. The dignity and gratitude in her life style is a gift from her father. Moreover, the culturally rich city has enriched her with a blend of literate and sophisticated human being. As a child, she was a shy and emotional girl. Occult science had always been an integral part of her life. She used to playfully do predictions. Her readings through sun-signs were appreciated even in her college days. Although, taking up Tarot as profession was never her idea.

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

It was in 2010-11, when she suffered from Osteoporosis. During five years of marriage, she went through trauma from the society for not bearing the child. The depression and the medical treatment of gaining pregnancy, had slaved her as a bedridden for around half a year. She was married in 2005 and had shifted to Agra. The staring eyes and the cruel satire by the society to mention not giving birth to a child as a disability was a havoc. Aditi being a sensitive person, it took a toll on her and she got succumbed to the fatal disease of Osteoporosis.

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Rajeev Chawla- a true companion

Her inner strength and the support of her husband Mr. RAJEEV CHAWLA and near ones helped her to get rid of it. It was that moment when she was standing at the crossroads and when her universe was falling apart, and she had almost lost the battle, her inner strength and her life partner made her stand against all the odds. Recalling those days still brings tears in her eyes. At the same time, she is thankful to God for bringing up those days which brought a turning point in her life, she became more determined, stronger and wiser. She stood up for her own self.


She had never studied Tarot, developed this talent of readings one’s future with time, mastered her own psychic, I must say she is God gifted! The touch of Tarot cards used to fascinate her. The beginning years (2013-14) were quite challenging. Being from the culturally rich city Calcutta and then leading quiet six years of marriage, she rarely knew anyone in Agra. Apart from that, the icon ‘Tarot reading’ used to be a strange and foreign term at that time. She simply used to read Tarot for the familiar people. It helped create further references. Through exhibitions in and out of Agra, she generated a good number of clienteles for herself. Her predictions were inspiring and proved to be fruitful to many. Furthermore, the confidentiality of the readings and her accurate intuitive approach is her USP.

With practice and meditation, she has mastered it to such an extent that she can tell the entire profile of one’s life in fraction of seconds. This fortune teller has been excelling and speeding the journey. Although the voyage had been difficult and nightmare but her hard work and determination have shown results.

Do not be afraid, walk alone…..

In her lows, the lines of Sir Rabindra Nath Tagore and sung by Mr. Amitabh BachanEkla Chalo Re” kept her going. At present, she has clients from all over the world. Currently, her fan following and clientele across the globe, as a Tarot consultant, Numerologist and as a person has no match. She also travels a lot for tarot sessions to CALCUTTA, GURGAON and DELHI NCR etc.

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She is a born artist and gifted child. She has been doing theater, Radio talk shows and films dubbing as well. She has acted as a child artist in great Shri Satyajit Ray “Sandeep Ray presents” serials and shared the platform with the super talented Ms. Supriya Pathak. The experience of working in a mobile company in Calcutta, after graduation, was also very intriguing and kept observing people from different walks of life. Not only this, she even got the Excellence award in numerology.

Sometimes it is the journey that teaches you a lot plus your own talent adds up to leave a message to the society. Likewise, her voyage does. She is a firm Believer of Karma, encourages the upcoming youth specifically the girls, to stand up for their

WhatsApp-Image-2019-01-03-at-12.43.09.jpeg own self. One should always do some constructive work and not indulge in useless activities. She even mentions to NOT loose individuality and to utilize potentials in the best possible manner. She wants to convey a message very strictly to the girls to set goals in life and not just brood over and just do household things. Keep ‘following your heart and your passion’, ‘live and let live’ and ‘a skill and will goes hand in hand’ as the motto of your life. Aditi can’t bear to see anyone in pain, hence contributes a lot to the poor and needy.

I would both personally and professionally recommend her for the counseling- children or couple, in business or service, in a troubled life or smooth one. You can even contact her for matchmaking through the date of birth. She is a miraculous numerologist too. Which number suits you or not, she can tell in the blink of an eye. One can contact her at 8941899333 or through her website and different social media profiles like Facebook and Instagram where she keeps giving her valuable general predictions on the same. She also gives certification in TAROT READING AND NUMEROLOGY.

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Client Love can be easily noticed through their personal views through videos…

PS: Dear Aditi, I wish to thank you to let me pen down a hint of your life. Being a shy person, you could have never allowed but on my insist you did. Your life is an inspiration to many. I am sure whoever reads it, will have a better understanding of the greatness and graciousness of yours!
Your favorite poem for the readers:
The Beauty Of A Woman
The beauty of a woman
Is not in the clothes she wears,
The figure that she carries,
Or the way she combs her hair.
The beauty of a woman
Must be seen from her eyes,
Because that is the doorway to her heart,
The place where love resides.
The beauty of a woman
Is not a facial mole,
But true beauty in a woman
Is reflected in her soul.
It is the caring she lovingly gives,
The Passion that she shows.
The beauty of a woman with passing years —
only grows and grows……….
Nate G

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Welcome 2019

I am neither a saint nor a thief, neither a follower nor a preacher. I am just me. I may have sinful thoughts at times, I may even be grateful to people for their good deeds. I am a person. Just living the path and going with the wind. The journey had been full of twists and turns. All the hardships may not be fruitful but have to keep going. And we must keep on the journey.

Stepping ahead demands slipping away the past…

Embracing the new year with whatever and however it comes. No resolution. No plans. The Goodwill and being grounded is the only motto this year. That I bow to the Earth and to the Sun for the energy and light. That I be privileged to unprivilege myself for the under privileged. That I be powerful to unpower myself for the slums.

Thanks 2018 and welcome 2019.

11th June- A Father’s story

11th June is the most sad and tearful day of my life. It came as Tsunami and washed away all my strength and the teachings I have instilled in my child. I have tried to pen down my feelings several times but never had the courage to. I lost my son who was arevenound 20 years of age on 11th June 1992. He was 6 feet tall and we used to share our shoes. His black hair used to fall on his broad forehead. He was muscular and looked quite handsome than any other young boy of his age.

Since his absence, I have found myself in a whirlpool in which the waves of thoughts and blames from society make me spin around. The guilt feeling of not able to survive him suffocates me so much that I am not able to breathe even sometimes. On every 11th June, a process starts. A process of failed parenting, a process of seeing his death in my hands and that process I feel being dead slowly too- a process of unliving every moment while you are alive. I have been dying every moment since then, dear Anirudh. I can’t explain how the behavior and attitude of people change. The satire by people give the feeling of being razed head to toe. The path since 1992 is leading me onto such a journey which is full of cactus all around. There had been no celebrations so far. The purchasing of clothes is no fun at all too. I do make efforts to get out of the mourning. But as much as I try, I find myself more dipped and dragged into it.

It was a dark and unfortunate day full of storm. The storm was so dreadful that it not only washed away all joys of our life but also converted the day ( our life) into night (darkness). The place called Islam Ganj used to be a lively place. Kids used to play all kinds of street games. Oldies used to have their leisure time chit chatting sessions along with listening to Radio, street hawkers used to urge public through their singing skills. That day, the scene was horrible. The dreadful storm had washed away all our hopes. The street (our life) was dull and empty.

11th June converted the father’s day into a never ending moment of life. I had heard it somewhere

Sometimes life passes away in a moment, Sometimes one moment of life does not pass away not pass away even’

So, the life of the father has cling to that day although he didn’t pause anyone else’s life.

It’s Not Okay

“Age is an issue of mind over matter.
If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter” Mark Twain

It is bothering me that I don’t bleed anymore. The monthly circulation system which had homed my body for last twenty five years is no more. Now, should I say “Rest in peace” and let it go. But my mind isn’t accepting the change. Although my body kept reminding me that it is about to go.

The time it entered my body, I had staring looks. Our Indian culture doesn’t allow us to talk about these things and are kept secretive. Acceptance was not easy at that time as well. It pained and bled a lot. The suffering was unbearable. I was not to touch any kitchen utensils in those days and neither was I allowed to go to temple or go in the room which had a mini temple at home too. I was told to remain conscious when I sit and walk. The talk to boys or males be it your father or brother had to be ceased and that was the major part of counseling. Leaving all the psychological problems, I started enjoying the bleeding days by the age of sixteen. Maybe because by the time I knew that this gives me the ability to give birth to another organism and makes me look beautiful. I had a perfect curvy body.

But the withdrawal part is unacceptable at all. The strength it has given to my body is leading to weakness. The bones have become weaker. I apply homemade oil, sometimes branded oils too specifically on my knees. I feel insecure at times about my facial beauty too. My body and face curves are going away. My abdomen has become bulgy too.The body fat doesn’t allow me wear my previous kept loveable clothes collection.

I don’t want to feel low. I don’t want to struggle with ‘to be or not to be’. I am practicing yoga daily. Nowadays, I am even doing power yoga, which keeps me energized. I go for walk till the Majestic Taj. I am extra careful about the diet too. I keep telling myself it’s okay but, God, it’s not okay at all. You have been partial to us- the women. I have found ways to cure and cover up myself from menopause but rest of us are at mercy…

Right Hand Side

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life has many flavors. It takes you on a roller coaster ride where you run up and down, tremble, shaken and get flattened too. It just comes with a tag ” ‘smile while you ride’ as you have no choice but be on the right hand side'”. Crying over tough or adverse phases does not help you. Just like average human beings on this Earth, I am an average person on this Earth. Even and odds have always been an integral part of my life.

It has been said by my mother that life means keep going and keep struggling. “chalti ka naam hi hai zindagi”. If you stop struggling means you stop living. She said those words when I was depressed and kind of tired of the struggling life. I have always been a giver and love to be so. There are times, when I am not able to serve others through my education or money, I feel deactivated and hapless. The words of my mother energized me a bit. I pondered over the words and gave it a thought. Summarizing, life and struggle are directly proportional to each other. The more you struggle, the better you know it. The Past is gone and I am really unaware what the future will be. So why am I thinking what I have done and will there be sufferings in the future. I should live in present. So what if I have struggled in the past, maybe life wanted me to. Maybe I am born to struggle. God might have decided this for me. When he writes our luck, he might be intending something and it might be our inner strength which he has put and he is just testing it out. I should not fail and prove him wrong. So, get up Shilpa, Just live the present and play the innings of life as it comes. The path of the ball will be automatically clear once shot. Remember to shoot it with full force and confidence.

I even recalled a story my father used to tell when I was small.’ I used to fall sick quite often and hence my attendance in school was low. Your grandparents used to be worried. Once a palmist saw my hand in my childhood and told me that there is no line of education in your hand. But I was fond of reading and language. You see today I am MA, P Hd. in Hindi language and I have bagged many national level prizes for my work to literature. We make our lines in our hands by ourselves. Our luck is somewhat in our hands too. Hard work and determination can change the pattern of lines in your hands.’ This story always used to inspire me in my childhood. Recalling it has helped me again. Hence, I will keep struggling mumma and  papa till i breathe and will try to be on the right hand side…

life is a mystery and let it be that way….


Shiksha-Meri Pathshala

It was cold Sunday morning of December month of 2018. Me and my soul sister Atmiye Iram had planned to cover our programs Shiksha. We went to a school being run by group of youngsters for the under privileged by the name of “Meri Pathshala”. We reached there on time. The students were already present there in a good mood and in good number .ie. 30. The curious and smiling faces of kids gave us a sigh of relief. Earlier we had odd thoughts in the mind whether the children will be there or not, whether they will even give an ear to us, whether they will come in this cold weather or not but the delighted presence of students in a disciplined arrangement of rows and columns and a note on a slate as “Welcome team Guftgu” made us feel welcomed and relaxed. Mr. Nitesh Agarwal , one of the mentors was also there.

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Ignore the ignorance

Mr. Nitesh as I will frame into words, is just like a father bird who pushes its child out of the nest to let it fly And stands on the back as a support. The team Meri Pathshala is also doing such work. The students’ creativity is being enhanced through different interactive activiIMG20181209083553.jpgties like story telling sessions, debates and singing etc. The proceeding of our meeting started. Mr. Nitesh introduced us to the kids. We also told the students about our NGO and our motive of coming there. We had planned the discussion session, art session “Rang” by Mr. Kaushik Tayagi , story telling by Bhavna Kuntal, Guitar session by Mr. Asim bhai and Flute session by Mr. Anal Jha. It all started with the story telling by students.  The barefooted students had a different glare in their eyes when they heard about our program.


First came Akashi who told a story in which she and her friends are going in a boat ride. While they were enjoying the ride, it broke into two parts. The climax is that they didn’t know how to swim.Suddenly they found a log in the water with which support they managed to come out of the river.  As per Yeeshu, a chubby boy, there was a newness in his story. One day he got up with some magical powers. He used to becoIMG20181209084317me whatever he used to eat. If he ate tomato, he became a tomato.  Seeing a tomato running here and there, monkeys came after him. Then to escape himself from monkeys, he ate a carrot. Eating carrot turned him into a carrot. A Rabbit felt tempted to eat the carrot. To save his life from the rabit, he ate another thing. This way, he kept eating several things in order to escape. He got tired in this eat and escape race. He wanted to come back into his real avatar. But he didn’t know how to. An idea clicked his mind. He ate his photo and hence turned himself into himself. He loved to back into his real avatar.

IMG20181209085051Then came Anubhav, a smart petite boy. He told us a story in which he used to make fake chocolates which had electric currents on touch. Once he himself touched it by mistake and faced the same current. He realized his mistake and discarded the fake chocolate.The session continued with the folk songs, motivational songs by the kiddos. Two girls also did mimicry of the act from a famous comic serial “Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain”. The time spent was so encouraging,amusing and positive that we and students got actively engaged. Meanwhile, our team member Bhavna also told a story of Bhasmasur followed by a motivational song singing by Anal Jha.


IMG20181209102721.jpgThe guitar and flute sessions of Mr. Anal and Mr. Asim were like cherry on the cake. Mr. Kaushik opened the colour boxes and a blank canvas among students. We told them to paint their feelings on the canvas. At first, two –three kids came forward and painted a peacock in the centre, the entrance of  Meri Pathshala on one side and it continued with variety of ideas and blend of colors. I noticed few students only chose dark colors. The flute and guitar kept doing their mesmerizing roles. The environment was full of zeal and enthusiasm.

We left from there although neither of us wanted to leave. While coming home, I realized that although they have blackish white fabric walls and no white smart screen, cotton mats and no wooden or fancy desks to sit, running water taps and no filtered water, strong  knowledge and no WIFI but their creativity and imagination skills have no bounds. Education has different meanings there and I was proud to meet them. I wish that our education system or the syllabus needs to be less book-oriented and more creativity-oriented.

To know more about Meri Pathshala, please visit their facebook page